Cardboard Chair Project

Using the ideation technique or heuristic “intelligent, Fast, Failure” produce a series of sketches and models of ideas for a cardboard stool.

Make mistakes, fail with your design, learn from each mistake and make a better version of your idea. Do this quickly, don’t spend too much time on each idea, don’t over think your ideas. Record your ideas using your phone or laptop camera.

Example models

After you have come up with at least 10 different ideas. Evaluate them and test them to find out which of your ideas will be the most successful. Produce a prototype using 4 sheets of recycled cardboard. You may glue or tape your cardboard together. The tape should not be structural, it should only hold pieces together.

 Example Prototypes


 Testing your Project

After you have built your project test it to make sure it will hold a person.

Once the stool has been manufactured evaluate the success of your design. Reflect on how the design might be changed to be more successful. What worked well in their design? What did not work well?

How did this idea generation technique compare to other techniques you have used before. Do you think it allowed you to come up with more creative solutions?

Write at least 200 words for inclusion in your process diary.

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