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drawing circuits with a pen


Visit the following website to see a pen that is electrically conductive that can be used to literally draw a circuit.


Design Competition

follow this link to enter a design competition where you could possibly win an iPad!

BBC microbit


In The UK every year 7 student is given a microbit kit for free to use in all of their subjects at school. It uses a cut down version of python. A free course in under development at Grok learning.


Cross laminated timber

Cross laminated timber(CLT) is a ply wood like material using layers of planks glued together in layers with the grain going in alternate directions. The layers are thicker than those used in plywood.
In Australia a number of buildings have been build and are in the process of being developed.

The Public library docklands Melbourne is one example.
The smile in London is an example of the material used in an innovative way to create a curved canterleavered structure.

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