This is a presentation to the class of the process used to complete your project using digital technologies. Example might include a PowerPoint, wix, and prezi. The presentations should be no longer than three minutes and answer the particular unit’s big questions.

Students are to reflect on their own learning, and visually show their thought processes during the project.


Innovation can be demonstrated by reflecting and articulating how completing the unit has changed your learning. How has the unit changed your personal thinking, values or informing your values and your decision making process. Has it contributed to making a positive change to themselves and/or others? Discuss how your product/ design is different from other designs. What makes your design more valuable or unique.


To demonstrate that you are a connected learner you must have work samples(diagrams, sketches, plans, notes, photographs, final products) that show how you connected different learning together. Talk about the relationship between different subjects/areas of human endeavours. For example; mathematics, interior design, architecture, jewellery design, environmentalism, green design, engineering, woodwork, English, history, art.


You should reflect and provide evidence of the qualities of organisation, resilience and persistence. Provide samples such as Gantt charts, time action plan, cutting lists, annotated sketches, mind maps, notes, job sheets, that demonstrate organisation skills, confidence and collaboration skills.


Big questions: How do your choices affect your world?

Unit questions

  • Food technology: live to eat or eat to live?
  • Textiles: Why make it?
  • Built environment-mixed materials: How can we achieve sustainable living?

Year 8

Big questions: How can the design world effect change?

Unit questions

  • Food Technology: What Makes A Successful Celebration?
  • Textiles: Is Play A Waste Of Time?
  • Product Design: Who Are You?

Download the questions below that you need to address in your presentation.

Note: it is important that you answer all of the questions in the rap sheet.

Download (PDF, 93KB)

Sample RAPs

sample rap

A good prezi by rose in year 7 

A good prezi by Victoria in year 7

Death by powerpoint and how NOT to kill Mr Morrison

NOTE: this is compulsory viewing





COPE Girl’ Model of Resilience


A belief that your thoughts, actions and feelings have value, demonstrating the courage to take risks by thinking and acting differently.


Demonstrating organisational abilities that will give you the power and control to manage your life with balance both inside and outside school. This encompasses study, planning, time management and thinking skills.


Not giving up. Working tough.


The ability to focus on solutions and view situations positively as opportunities.


The ability to work effectively as a member of a team or community.


NOTE: Dont forget to look at the sustainability page on this blog, it will help you answer your R.A.P.


Sustainability Compass



  1. Seolin says:

    Hello Mr Morrison!

    I was just wondering when the RAP is due.


  2. Emilie says:

    Mr Morrison,
    You told 7B that it’s a five minute presentation. Is it 5 minutes or 3 minutes?

    • Mr Morrison says:

      I would prefer a 3 minute presentation if at all possible because it allows more time for completing projects. but students will not be penalized for a 5 minute one.

  3. Emily says:

    Hi Mr Morrison, sorry for another comment. I sent you an email with similar questions to this but I wasn’t sure which one you’d see first, the email or this comment, so I decided to do both.

    A few of us in 8TC7 were just wondering what we should do for answers to the questions on the rubric. First of all, the rubric says it’s for the ‘Soft Learning Toy’ unit, which we don’t think is us… secondly, the questions involve things like the design brief, which we’re not sure if we did or not, the sustainability compass which we don’t quite know about, the design process which wasn’t mentioned in class before, and the time action plan which we didn’t do. So how should we answer these questions?

    Thank you 🙂

  4. Helen says:

    Hi Mr Morrison,

    Firstly, I was wondering if you could check your email because I asked some questions about RAP. Also, I’m not really sure about the question about how designers change and improve your quality of life.

    Thank you,

  5. Anna says:

    hi Mr Morrison
    I am in year 8 and i was just wondering but in the attachments you gave us there was two pages. one was the questions and stuff and the second one was like the rubric. they have similar questions but some are different… i know they are just guidelines to help us with our speech but which one do you prefer us to follow more?
    please reply ASAP
    thank you

    • Mr Morrison says:

      I am sorry about this- I did not write this RAP and I did not notice the difference in the two pages. Thanks for letting me know i will fix it soon. Use the questions on the first page, but I won’t mark anyone down if they use the questions from the second page

  6. Helen says:

    Hi Mr Morrison,

    I’ve checked on the VC for the accessories of life but there aren’t any documents that are named ‘design brief’ so I’m not really sure what to do for that question.


    • Mr Morrison says:

      I believe its in the one note file, it would be one of the first couple of pages, it may not be labeled as a design brief. I am sorry if this is confusing. I did not write any of the documents on the VC and am in the process of rewriting them all and hopefully making them easier to understand. If you still cant find what you are looking for come and see me at recess/lunch and I will try to show you where the information you need is.

  7. Helen says:

    Hi Mr Morrison (again),

    I’m so sorry for all these questions, but I was wondering if the Y chart was just the 3 questions in the rubric:
    – Take risks in your learning?
    – Be an independent learner?
    – Believe in your abilities?
    or if it was something else.

    Thank you,

  8. Helen says:

    Hi Mr Morrison (again again),

    Again, I’m sorry for commenting so much. I’m not sure about how to answer some of these questions because the marking rubric judges us on different things than the question


    QUESTION: For the Specific technology that you have used in this unit identify what you believe quality means. Identify aspects of your design that you believe is quality.

    MARKING US ON:Identifies and provides a detailed and extensive exploration of the challenges faced. Succinctly demonstrates and discusses a range of strategies used to address these challenges

    So as you can see, the rubric is completely different from the question. Should I answer the question, or should I answer the rubric, because if I answer the question, I might not be answering the rubric.

    Thank you,

    • Anna says:

      hi helen
      just thought you would like to know i also asked a similar question
      and he answered
      “Use the questions on the first page, but I won’t mark anyone down if they use the questions from the second page”
      hope that helps >.<

  9. Jenny says:

    Dear Mr Morrison,
    on the hand out of the RAP, and the word document attached, it says the W stands for ‘Wellbeing of the individual’ for the sustainability compass, however on this website it says it stands for ‘Who decides’.
    Which one is it?
    Also, what brand of wood did we use in class, and what’s the company name?

    • Mr Morrison says:

      The timber we use at school is pine, and it is from harper timber. I believe it is plantation grown, and environmentally sustainable.


      On some versions of the sustainability compass i have found “who decides” and others “well Being”. After a lot of searching i have discovered the original creators of the sustainability compass and have now updated the images and links on this blog. thank you for your excellent questions.

  10. Rachel says:

    WHAT ARE THE FIRST AND 2ND PAGE YOU GUYS ARE TALKING ABOUT?! This is confusing me…. Are they separate documents? or just the first and second page of the same document??

    • Mr Morrison says:

      When you download the RAP questions there is a first page that has a set of questions. TheSecond page is a marking rubric.

  11. Anna says:

    hi Mr Morrison
    is the material we used for your boxes/jewelry by any chance sustainable in anyway…?

  12. Helen says:

    In Class 7o
    We can make our R.A.P in any form right?
    (eg; poster, powerpoint)

  13. Helen says:

    sorry, didn’t read the top
    do we have to make a PMI chart?

    • Mr Morrison says:

      I personally think the PMI is a good chart to use for decision making, the marking rubric specifically asks for a PMI, I think I will Modify it to ask that you demonstrate a decision making process, which will not disadvantage people who have used a PMI but it allows people to demonstrate/ develop a decision making process that works for them as individuals. See this link for some excellent examples of decision making processes.


  14. Kelly says:

    Hi Mr Morrison,
    I’m from 7B and I was wondering whether we had to do a form of creative presentation apart from a short speech?


    • Mr Morrison says:

      You are quite welcome to do any kind of presentation that suits you. It can be a speech, a Rap, a song. As long as you include all that is required then you are welcome to be as creative as you like. If your like me and you’re more visual, you could rely more on images, and a physical model and less on verbal means of communication. Whats important is that you communicate to me what you have learnt. What skills you have developed, what you have learnt about yourself as a learner, what strategies you have developed to deal with problems, and how you will improve in the future.

  15. Kelly says:

    Sorry for another comment but for the question where we have to create our own big question, do we have to answer it or do we just have to justify why we created it?

  16. Jennifer says:

    THANKS 🙂

  17. Alex says:

    Mr Morrison
    Is it ok if the RAP presentation goes over 3 minutes?
    Will we lose marks if it does?
    Thank you

    • Mr Morrison says:

      3-6 minutes. no you will not loose marks, although you will possible kill me or your fellow classmates with boredom

  18. Vicky says:

    Hi mr morrison,
    how long does the rap have to be? thx

  19. Seolin says:

    Hello Mr Morrison,
    I was wondering when the RAP for this year is due for Year 8? BTW you have a very nice blog, can you teach us how to make our own?
    Seolin 🙂

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