Egg Drop Challenge


Design and build a device to deliver a payload safely from a height. The device should be made so that it can be reused with minor repairs. This Task should be completed in 2-3 Lessons.

Similar scenarios include:

  • Space missions
  • Parachuting supplies
  • Mars rover


Research and document similar solutions

  • Mars Rover/Lander
  • Air bags in cars
  • Parachutes
  • balloons

Criteria for Success

As a class Determine a criteria for success. Possible criteria could include:

  • Cost
  • Weight
  • Use of resources
  • Maximum working Height


Students use one of the ideation methods we have discussed this year to come up with an idea for a device/container you can make to protect an egg from a high fall.


  • Build your device/container and place the egg inside
  • Students are to keep an accurate measurement of the resources used to determine cost
  • Students are to keep this information is a spreadsheet


  • Drop the egg from someplace high (Top of step ladder/ second story)
  • After you drop it look and see if your egg cracked or remained intact. (Remember to wash your hands after touching raw egg!)
  • Measure time taken for device to fall
  • Measure the height exactly that the device is dropped from
  • Use this to work out the speed the device falls at speed =distance/time
  • If device is successful: repair if necessary and Redo test at a higher height to determine the maximum height the device works from


As a group create a spreadsheet with the following information included:

Name of group

Names of group members (first and last)

Weight of final Device

Cost of materials

Amount of resources used

maximum working height


Students will have a large variety of materials to create their egg-saving devices. They are to use only the material provided. They may trade with other groups if they would like to.

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