Isometric jewelry Box

Isometric jewelry Box

Complete the introduction to isometric drawing and rendering Worksheets before starting this task. Find the exercises on isometric projection and shading. Mr Morrison will have some for you in the classroom or you can download and print from the below web site.

Get a sheet of isometric drawing paper off Mr Morrison or you can also download a printable sheet below.

Download (PDF, 13KB)

Draw your jewelry box using the isometric projection and rendering techniques you have learnt. You can follow the below Tutorial if you need assistance. Keep in mind the following differences in what we are making at NSG

  1. we are using 12mm thick pine or pacific maple timber
  2. we are using rebate or butt joints not finger or box pin joints like those shown below
  3. most designs should be made using rebate joints because they are stronger and they enable boxes to be manufactured ‘square’ more easily
  4. the base should be both glued and nailed onto the bottom of the box

Download (PDF, 753KB)

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