Newspaper Tower

Tower challenge

Is possible to stand a piece of paper up on its end?

In a small group of around 5 students brainstorm ideas of how you might make paper stand up.

Design Brief 

Students are to make the tallest tower structure that they can out of 1 sheet of newspaper and 30 cm of masking tape

Remember: take a photograph to give to Mr Morrison and to use in your RAP.


  • use only 1 sheet of Newspaper  and 30 cm of tape
  • The tower must be self supporting- stand up on its own and not be taped to a bench for support
  • You will Have 30 Minutes to complete your Paper Tower
  • Students Should ALL start at the same time
  • you may use rulers, scissors and pieces of dowel or pencils to roll around
  • you may not leave pencils of dowel inside of your towers structure
  • you may not use glue


  • The teacher will stand at 60cm distant and blow to test if the tower is stable (this simulates the natural environment that towers and buildings must endure)
  • Use a tape measure to measure how tall each project is
  • the tallest tower left standing will be the winner

The current Record is 1.55 meters for paper towers at NSG.


  • 3 legs is the minimum number needed for structures to stand
  • It is possible to make multiple thin long rolled tubes of paper (Use a piece of dowel or pencil to roll paper around)
  • It is possible to fold, bend, scrunch  and concertina
  • The base of the tower should be wider than the top
  • Use your tape allocation sparingly
  • your tape can be cut down the middle to maximize its use

Clean up

  • put any scrap paper in the recycle bin near the door
  • any other rubbish in the bin
  • leave the room in a better condition than you found it

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