Why Study Design and Technology?

Learn how to come up with creative and cool ideas like these ones at the INTECH exhibition at the powerhouse Museum.

Make awesome projects using exciting technologies such as laser cutting, 3D printing and scanning (makerbot replicator 2), CAD(Computer Aided Drafting), electronics (aurdino) and and Traditional wood working using hand tools and machines.
Why is design so important?

Listen to what these famous British engineers, designers and creatives say about the importance of studying Design and Technology.


Other examples of Student Work


Where does studding design and technology lead?

Careers in architecture, informatics, interactive design, interior design, engineering, product deign, industrial design, construction and project management, urban planning, environmental design, information design, web design, user experience and user interactivity.

Study Design at UTS


Study Design a COFA


Study Design at the University of Sydney


Course Structure Senior Design and Technology

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Who should be studying this Course?

While Design and Technology has no pre-requisite subjects from Years 9 and 10, there are advantages if you have studied Design and Technology in Years 9-10, Food Technology 9-10, Industrial Technology 9–10, Graphics Technology 9–10 or Textiles Technology 9-10.

The 2 Unit Design and Technology course has been designed to attract and challenge students of all levels of ability.  This course involves a broad based study of design and technology in practical way, which will be applied to the development of a design project in an area of interest selected by the student.  This approach recognises that learning is relevant to, and transferable between, different kinds of activities, organisations and enterprises.

What’s in the junior(9-10) course?

see the below links to

What’s in the Preliminary Course?

The Preliminary 2 Unit Course includes:

  • Related Study (addressed through Design Projects, issues relating to design and technology in industry, innovation and emerging technologies in the Higher School Certificate); including an Industry Innovation Case Study;
  • 2 Design Projects and the development of design folios;
  • Major Design Project (Project Proposal).

What’s in the HSC Course?

The HSC 2 Unit Course includes:

  • Integrated Study (Study of design and technology with innovation in industry);
  • Major Design Project (Project Management, Project Development and Realisation, and Project Evaluation of a product, system or environment). The major design project is at student expense.

What does study in this course involve?

This course is concerned with the study of technology through a design process.  It involves experiences both of practical and theoretical natures.  Planning is done using traditional hand drawn technical drawings and using CAD (Computer Aided Design). manufacturing of prototypes, “one off” designs or products, using materials such as timber, electronics, timber, and plastics. Projects are produced using laser cutting, traditional wood working and 3D printing.

The student will be involved in an Integrated Case Study on Industry, Innovation, Emerging Technologies.  They will apply the knowledge to the MAJOR DESIGN PROJECT in Year 12 and a DESIGN FOLIO.  This subject provides the opportunity for students to practically apply technology to materials and processes and can be related to differing activities in the world of work and higher education.

How is the Course assessed?

The Major Design Project will be developed over the period from Term 4, Year 11 to the end of week 7 Term 3, Year 12 (approximately) and is worth 60% of the total marks. This project is marked by Board of Studies itinerant markers during the end of Term three, Year 12. The written exam is worth 40%

What is included in the HSC exam?

The final HSC examination is in three sections.

  • multiple choice
  • short answers questions based on the Integrated Industry and Innovation case studies in industry
  • an essay type question addressing issues of design and technology in our society and environment

Lastly, and most importantly….

You get to hang out with Mr Morrison and make cool things for 2 years.

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