Reuse Recycle Race

Reuse Recycle Race

Design situation Readings


Download (DOCX, 45KB)

Download (DOCX, 15KB)


Project Proposal and project management

Preliminary submission with feedback due week 6 Term 1

  • identify and explore the need
    • under a heading of design situation
      • read the above design situation readings
      • reword the design situation
    • reword the design brief
    • identify the opportunities that this design project enables
    • identify why the project is needed, why is this a good project. What worth does this project have to society, to individuals and the environment.
  • areas of investigations
    • identify that the following topics should be investigated during the development of the project
      • exsisting solutions
      • steering
      • brakes
      • ergonomics
      • human factors enginnering
      • chairs/seats
      • safety
  • Criteria for success
    • In this section goes what you think would make a successful billy cart?
      • some items you should consider are:
        • Functional
          •  the ability to turn
          • does not over steer
          • the billy cart can travel in a straight line
          • a child can use the seering
          • the bakes stop the billy cart
          • when the brakes are applied the billy cart should continue to steerable
        • Aesthetics
          • the target age group finds the look of the billy cart desirable
          • adults who would be resposible for the purchasing of the produc would find the looks apealing
        • safety
          • The manufacturing of the product should allow the user to safely use the product without risk of harm. For example a screw sticking out of the side of the seat.
    • Time  Plan
      • You need to propose a time action plan. A time action plan has a list of the tasks require on one axis of a table and time on the other axis. Where tasks are to be completed are highlighted. You also need to document your actual progress and how it varies from the proposed plan and why a change was required.

a time action plan

    • Finance Plan

Finance Plan



Project Development and Realisation

Production Guide

Project Evaluation



Where can you Get your Materials

Friends, family and your dads shed are all good places to start finding the necessary resources to build your ultimate driving machine. If you can’t find them there then suggestions are below.

reverse garbage


council throw outs

Botany Bay City Council Household Waste Services info
City Of Sydney Household Waste Removal Days
Leichardt Municipal Council General Pick Ups 
Manly Council Waste Collection Days 
Mosman Municipal Council Rubbish Collection Dates

North Sydney Council Waste Removal Dates 
Pittwater Council Clean Up Collection Dates 

Randwick City Council Rubbish Removal Dates
Rockdale Council General Clean Up Dates
Ryde Council Clean Up Dates 
Strathfield Council Rubbish Removal Information 
Sutherland Shire Council Bi Annual Pick Up Dates 
The Hills Shire On – Call Kerb Side Collection Service 
Warringah Council Waste Collection Calendar
Willoughby Council Waste Pick Up Dates 
Woollahra Council Rubbish Removal Dates

Waverly Council Rubbish Removal Dates

the bower

scrap yards/ reuse centers

Cycle Recycle

 Example designs

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