Interact with this!

Interact with this!

Technology and electronics are prevalent in todays society, most people have a phone, computer games are more common than ever before, and almost every thing you use is interactive, most static artefacts are considered out of date and boring. Create a simple every day artefact such as a toy or picture frame that uses simple mechanisms to change the artefact into an exciting and interesting interactive product.



  1. research and evaluate 3 different types of joints that you could use in your project. Examples of joints are rebate, butt, dowel.
  2. research simple mechanisms, describe the mechanism and how it could be used in your project. Example mechanisms are pulleys, gears, cams, screws, inclined planes.
  3. research some existing designs for a mechanical device such as a toy or a picture frame and complete an evaluation of it.


create a mind map of ideas

use an ideation technique to develop a range of concepts

Technical drawing

create a technical drawing of your project

record your production process

evaluate your product



Portfolio /15



technical drawing


Product /60






links for further information

a great site with lots on information about gears, crews, wheels, pins and shafts

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